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Dr. Jamuna Pai's Institute for Medical & Aesthetic Cosmetology


Your key to cosmetology

at India's leading private skincare training institute


DJPIMAC was setup in 2010 by Dr. Jamuna Pai, India's 'Pioneer of Cosmetology' with the vision and aim to train medical professionals in the art of cosmetology and its related technologies. Since its inception the institute has gone on to become one of India's leading private medical aesthetic training schools attracting participants from as far as USA, UK South Africa & the Middle-East due to it's focus on relevant subjects taught by leading faculty from the industry.


Batches consisting only of 6-8 participants are scheduled so as to give every student individual attention in the modules being taught whilst also ensuring they get more than sufficient hands on training in all treatments and technologies.


The main objective of the DJPIMAC Programs is to enable you to offer competitive services in your practice. The entry into Medical Cosmetology and Aesthetics is competitive and can be difficult. At one time, earning a medical degree was a sure way to guarantee success. But today, super specialization is the need of the hour, and the programs at DJPIMAC will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to achieve success in this field. 

Admissions open for

The Certificate in Medical Cosmetology & Aesthetics

14 day program

"Studying at DJPIMAC has been a great experience. All of the faculty have been great teachers. The way they make you learn is awesome."


Dr. Anshika Taneja, New Delhi

"The course program is amazingly planned.We have learnt so much in our time here at the institute. 10/10."


Dr. Seema Chopra, Ludhiana

"All the faculty and staff were great. Clinic visits with real client cases helped us learn a lot. Dr.Pai is very inspiring and an excellent teacher.


Dr. Krishna Patel, South Africa

"The course has a systematic schedule, good coverage of all topics and an excellent faculty. Every moment spent here was amazing."


Dr. Divya Seshadri, Chennai

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